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Big Shoes to Fill framed by Steve Hanks

The children in his picture tell a story.  Let them come into your home.  From the view point of adult years we recognize certain things from childhood that are really beautiful memories shared by all. This captivating painting touches such a universal experience that it requires no descriptive assistance. With powerful visual imagery it draws us in and speaks volumes. Only one question should be asked. Have we fulfilled the challenge and the promise that is here so artfully presented? "Big Shoes to Fill" is Steve Hanks at his imaginative best.  The image is approimately 13 x 28.75 and the frame is 21.5 x 37.5.  Click on the image for a larger picture.




The approximate image size is 13.25 x 29.5.  Click on it for a larger view.

Item #009881

Price $600.00